Glyn Canol Old Farm

We have a small rare breed farm in Mid Wales where we keep  cattle, sheep and chickens.

As well as breeding the rare breeds for meat the wool is used to create a variety of lovely items, check out the Wild Welsh Wool page.



Wild Welsh Wool attends Montgomery market every Thursday, Lydham on the last Friday of the Month and Knighton on the 4th Saturday of the month.

Peg Loom Courses for 2019
27th October, 24th November

Other dates to suit you, contact;

01938 811193

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Glyn Canol Old Farm

Wild Welsh Wool

We are now making our own peg looms!

90cm  £45

60cm  £35

We  have 2 white sheep skins for sale from our flock.  They are tanned organically so suitable for babies and people with allergies. Approximate measurements of all skins are 90cm x 60cm. The cost is £90 each.

More skins available next year which will include black and brown.

Hogget for sale

This rare breed sheep meat is 18 months old and hung for two weeks to mature.

Lovely for a slow roast, nice and tender and full of flavour.

Whole or half

£10 a kg

Individual joints £12 a kg