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About Glyn Canol Old Farm

The farm house had been unoccupied for many years and was in a derelict state. After some investigation it seems as though it had been empty from around the late 1930’s and was not connected to any mains services.After speaking to the farmer who once owned the land and farmhouse we understand it was bought along with the surrounding land back in the 1950’s at which time the house was already derelict. To try and preserve it a little in order that they could use it for lambing and keeping the sheep dogs in the steel corrugated roof was added. This we believe to have been a critical and wise decision as without this I’m sure it wouldn’t have survived.

Glyn Canol Old Farm House in 2009 - as we bought it
Glyn Canol Old Farm House today

For any enquires regarding our livestock or general enquiries:

01938 811193Ā 

For specific enquiries regarding any of the wool products or related items:

Sharon Smith & Paul Whiting
Glyn Canol Old Farm

SY21 8BS