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Glyn Canol Old Farm

We are a small rare breed farm located in beautiful Mid Wales.
Glyn Canol Old Farm had been an abandoned dwelling for over 80 years so it took a bit of renovating before starting on the outside areas ready for the livestock.
At the end of December 2015 we moved from Warwickshire where we bred and showed rare breed poultry and were active members of the local Rare Breed Survival Trust Support Group.

Our journey with rare breed cattle and sheep started April 2016 and we now have several breeds of sheep for their wool and meat, hogget and mutton, and Original Population Dairy Shorthorn giving us milk for ourselves and meat occasionally. We also sell registered pedigree stock.

The Wild Welsh Wool part of the business followed in July 2017 and now runs courses, attends markets, shows, WI talks and takes commissions. Regular markets are Montgomery and Knighton. Shows are Berriew, Shrewsbury Steam Fair, Montgomery, Royal Welsh Show, Wool and Willow Festival.

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Wild Welsh Wool

Producing wool products from our rare breed sheep fleeces or your own.



We breed a variety of rare breed cattle, sheep and poultry.
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Wool Shop

A variety of wool products made with our own rare breed fleeces and some from local farmers.
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Peg Loom Course's & Events

We can supply all the equipment needed to start enjoying peg loom weaving as well as tuition courses at the farm and online via Zoom.